Infant Child Care Program


6 weeks – 18 months:

Kidz Town’s primary goal is to assure that your child feels secure, important, loved and happy at our center. Our infant child care program does not have a set schedule. Our caregivers follow a schedule set by our parents, as communicated in our log.

Our program is designed to develop and reinforce each infants individuality. Within our infant program, we provide fun activities that will help them build their cognitive, communication, emotional, and fine motor skills.

Some activities that we include is, playing peek-a-boo, exploring objects, practicing rolling over, sitting up, and listening to music.

It is so important that we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that helps your child grow in all developmental areas.

Emotional Skills

Teachers spend time singing, playing with puppets, play music and dance and clap to the beat.

Social Skills

It is so important that we teach our children to become aware of other people. Small group interaction with other children is strongly encouraged.

Communication Skills

Teachers talk to children. We encourage the child to mimic sounds. The babies can observe themselves in a child safe mirror as the teachers communicate with your baby.